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About me

I am Tamás Szakál and I live in Hungary. I started to make car mock-ups 30 years ago. The first 30-40 of my works were also made from paper.

I got to know the characteristics of the paper that time. In 1993 I won the first prize in cathegory in a model-making competition, which was organized by Opel in Hungary. In the the recent years I participated in many exhibitions and also in competitions, where my works were really successful.

Now some words about the method:

The material of the cars is 90% PAPER. Their scale is 1:18, in reality they are 23-25 cm long. Till this time I only made unique, self-planned models, I always tried to create something new. There is only one model in all the forms, but any of them can be re-made in a max. 3-piece series, also in different colours.
At present I have 20 car models, most of them were made 10-12 years ago.

The transparent parts are made from plastic and plexi. The wheels and the inside are from parer, plastic and rubber. Logos and emblems, also of the company who orders, can be put on the frame (bonnet, doors) and on some parts of the inside area. The painting is real car-paint + polish.

According to my opinion, they are also fit as presents, as promotin products and for those who collect special mock-ups.

It is about 300-400 work-hours to make one model, so the price is set accordig to this.